Salisbury's Fine

2021-2022 Important Dates

2021-2022 Important Dates:

September 1st - September Tuition Due
September 1st - Competition Payment 1 Due
September 7th - 2021-2022 Season Begins
September 7th - 9th - Bring-A-Friend Week
September 11th - Family Art Day Event

October 1st - Buskers Bash Performance
October 1st - October Tuition Due
October 1st - Competition Payment 2 Due
October 1st - Recital Family Fees Due (Costume fees will be due February 1st)
October 2nd - Kids Craft Camps
October 13th - 16th - No Classes*
October 22nd - Masquerade Party Event
October 25th - 28th - Spirit / Costume Week
October 25th - 28th - Bring-A-Friend Week

November 1st - November Tuition Due
November 1st - Competition Payment 3 Due
November 6th - Kids Craft Camps
November 11th - No Classes (Holiday)
November 12th - 13th - No Classes*
November 13th - Fall Family Carnival Event
November 23rd - No Classes*
November 24th - Salisbury Holiday Parade (Info Pending)
November 24th - 27th - No Classes (Holiday)

December 1st - December Tuition Due
December 1st - Competition Payment 4 Due
December 13th - 16th - Parent Preview Week
December 20th - 31st - No Classes (Holiday)

January 1st - 8th - No Classes
January 1st - January Tuition Due
January 1st - Competition Payment 5 Due
January 1st - Competition Showcase Fees Due
January 8th - Winter Open House
January 10th - 13th - Bring-A-Friend Week
January 17th - No Classes (Holiday)
January 18th - No Classes*

February 1st - February Tuition Due
February 1st - Recital Costume Fees Due
February 5th - Competition Showcase
February 14th - No Classes (Holiday)
February 15th - 16th - No Classes*
February 18th - 20th - Regional Competition

March 1st - March Tuition Due
March 11th - 13th - Regional Competition
March 18th - 20th - Regional Competition

April 1st - April Tuition Due
April 1st - Nationals Competition Fees Due
April 14th - No Classes*
April 15th - 19th - No Classes (Holiday)
April 20th - No Classes*

May 1st - May Tuition Due
May 6th - 8th - Regional Competition
May 23rd - 26th - Recital & Competition Photo Week (no classes this week)
May 30th - No Classes (Holiday)

June 3rd - Recital Rehearsal
June 4th - Recital
June 6th - 10th - Competition Team Nationals Camp
June 13th - 18th - Nationals Competition
June 27th - Competition Team Auditions for 2022-2023

July 11th - Beginning Of Summer Dance Season

* Days that are labeled "No Classes*" may be used as make up days, extra practice days,
specialty classes or camps, or additional competition rehearsal days.
We will send out an email if there will be any additional classes or rehearsals on those dates.

Photo Credit: Tim Kincaid Photography