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Quotes My daughter has been dancing here for a year and a half now. She loves all of her teachers and has made so many new friends here. The opportunities she has been given have been amazing: she?s danced in 4 parades, performed twice with the Moscow Ballet, performed during the Harlem Globetrotters game, and has danced on the competition team. We are very excited about this summers trip with the studio to New York where she will get the chance to perform on a Broadway stage, dance in Times Square, see a Broadway performance, and take some dance workshops! I couldn't ask for a better studio! Quotes
Felicia Layton
Dance Mom

Quotes Spotlight Dance Company is like a second home to me! All the teacher are amazing. Marianna is the best dance teacher anyone could ask for. I have been dancing here for 6 years now and I wouldn't trade the time here for the world. Not only do you learn a lot but you also have fun doing what you love! You will also meet a bunch of amazing people along the journey, that will love you and support you in every way! You will not regret signing up! Quotes
Alyssa L.

Quotes Spotlight Dance Company offers a wide range of dance classes from toddlers to adults. The staff truly cares about each dancer and wants all of them to reach their potential. Ms. Marianna also has the parents interest at heart. She offers several fundraisers to help offset the cost of costumes and other expenses. I've been very pleased the past two years with our dance experience! Quotes
Mother of dancer

Quotes Marianna, the owner of Spotlight Dance Company, has been a great teacher to me and many others these past few years. She can always be counted on and has been working hard to prepare for this coming year. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for all of the incoming students. I'm confident that Marianna will make this the best dance company it can be. Thanks so much! Quotes
Brooke Arrowood

Quotes I would like to say that Ms. Marianna, owner and instructor, of Spotlight Dance Company, is a wonderful teacher! She teaches fun routines that are fun to learn! We are so lucky to have such a talented dancer/teacher in Salisbury! Good luck on your new studio! Quotes
Satisfied student

Quotes I am very proud of your high standards of quality choreography and teaching for me the last 5 years! Your love of dance and teaching shows! Your choreography in your original ballets such as Barbie's Dreamland Ballet, The Wizard of Oz, and Pocahontas Ballet is amazing! Quotes
Donna Cesario
Dance Instructor