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Barre Sculpt

Barre Sculpt

Barre Sculpt is a fun and effective total body toning class! We start with arms, move on to legs & glutes and finish with abs. We stretch after every segment to promote long, lean muscles and to improve your flexibility. This class is a unique blend of yoga, pilates and ballet conditioning designed specifically for a woman's body. We target the "problem" areas and provide results without the bulk! Barre Sculpt is low-impact and is safe on your joints so ALL ages are welcome! 

The greatest thing you can do for yourself is deciding to change for the better!

Note: This is an exercise class NOT a dance class


Barre Sculpt is only $5 a class making getting in shape extremely affordable! There are no shortcuts to any place worth going and now that Barre Sculpt is only $5 a class, money can't be your excuse. We know it can be tough but we also know it's worth the challenge! Challenge yourself to go to class after a hard day at work, or make the most of your lunch break, jumpstart your weekend with an energizing class! Persistence is key.

Fab 45 Lunchtime Class

The Fab 45 class is the perfect way to tone your body during your lunch break! We will have a fabulous class that burns just as many calories as our full hour class in just 45 minutes. This is offered on Tuesday  from 12:00-12:45

Now Offering Private Lessons

Private Personal Training in Barre Sculpt is now offered. You will receive one on one instruction catered specifically for your unique needs. This package will include a diet and nutrition plan as well as an at home routine to keep you on the right track.

2 Lessons a Week: $40

3 Lessons a Week: $50