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2022-2023 Dance Classes

Spotlight Dance Company offers a variety of in-person classes with online virtual class options!
Below you can find our class schedule, tuition pricing, and information on our online virtual class options.
To register for classes visit our Parent Portal link below or visit our studio in Downtown Salisbury.

2022-2023 Schedule

Online Virtual Classes & Recorded Classes

We understand that some families are not yet ready or able to come back to the studio for in-person classes. We are very pleased to announce that we will be offering a virtual dance class option for anyone who wants to continue their classes from the comfort of their own home!

Nearly all of our classes will be offered as virtual class options. Please contact Spotlight Dance Company to let us know that you are interested in our virtual classes so we can assist you in registering in the appropriate classes and making sure you receive the required password protected link or recorded class video.

There are two options for our virtual classes: 

~Live Zoom Class: Sign in during the actual class time and take the class live with their fellow classmates and instructor! Students and instructors will be able to interact during the live classes. This is a great option for students that can focus on a full length class and are looking for that bit of communication and feedback on their technique from the instructor. We will try to make this as much like their normal in-person classes as possible!

~Recorded Class Video: With advanced notice we can record our classes so that your child will be able to watch it on their own time. This is the perfect option for any classes that take place at a time that isn't convenient for you and your family. Students can watch the recorded class at their own pace and be able to stop, pause, and re-watch it as needed. 


Dance Class Rates:

Our tuition rates are based on the total number of hours of dance per week for your family.

Occasionally we may offer special classes, camps, or events that have a separate fee

and do not count towards the hourly rate and are not eligible

for additional discounts unless otherwise stated.

Our current rates are:

30 Minutes / Week = $35.00 / Month

Up to 1 Hour / Week = $55.00 / Month

Up to 1.5 Hours / Week = $67.50 / Month

Up to 2 Hours / Week = $80.00 / Month

Up to 2.5 Hours / Week = $92.50 / Month

Up to 3 Hours / Week = $105.00 / Month


*Add $12.50 per each additional ½ hour of class or $25.00 per each additional hour of class.

*Please be aware of our $35.00 registration fee per student*

Due to the added expense to upgrade Zoom we are unable to offer a discount on our tuition rates for virtual or recorded classes. We will do our best to ensure that your child still receives quality instruction and will be happy to answer any questions you or your child may have about the materials sent on Zoom or on recorded class videos.

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Competition Team

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 Competition Teams! 
We are looking forward to an exciting new year!

Interested in joining the Spotlight Dance Company competition team?
Competition teams require a high level of commitment from our dancers and their families. Each year during summer we hold auditions for our competition teams. Our requirements to join the Spotlight Dance Company competition team is:

-Minimum 1 year of dance at Spotlight Dance Company
-Be between the ages of 4 and 18 during the competition season
-Tuition paid on time each month, no studio balances
-On time and prepared for class with good attendance
-Positive attitude and willingness to learn and work hard
-Good sportsmanship and can work well with others
-Agree to wear the required attire and shoes to each class and rehearsal
-Be able to practice regularly outside of classes
-Attend extra practices leading up to competitions and nationals
-Participate in studio public performances
-Attend competition auditions and meeting, must sign competition contract
-Must be able to take the required classes during the regular season and summer season
-Attend all scheduled regional competitions between January and May, usually 3-4 total
-Attend a one week mandatory competition camp to prepare for nationals
-Attend one national competition, usually in June or July