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Studio Handbook/Recital


Welcome to Spotlight Dance Company! We are so happy to have you as part of our dance family. Our goal is to provide a valuable service to each student, so they acquire the skills, abilities and confidence required to be a great dancer! Our highly qualified staff is here to motivate, inspire and train our students to be the best dance they can be. We are dedicated to building a strong dance foundation, creating a love for the arts and providing opportunities for our students. This handbook is designed to educate our parents on Spotlight Dance Company’s policies and answer any questions you may have. The lines of communication will always be open so feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, and/or input. You can reach me at 704-310-5706 or mariannastout@gmail.com


Spotlight Dance Company is open 6 days a week. Our hours are listed below.

Monday: 3:30 – 8:30pm

Tuesday: 2:30 – 8:30pm

Wednesday: 3:30 – 8:00pm

Thursday: 3:30 – 8:30pm

Friday: 3:30 – 6:00pm

Saturday: 10:00 – Noon

Sunday: Closed

Enrollment Procedure

You can enroll for classes online at our website, www.spotlightdancescene.com, or at the studio. The responsible party MUST fill out a hard copy of the Registration/Liability form BEFORE attending a class, whether enrolling online or at studio. The Registration/Liability form covers all classes in which the student is enrolled. The responsible party is required to pay the registration fee (if applicable) at the time of registration. There is no cut-off date to enroll in dance classes.


To avoid an empty classroom and enhance family-time, we follow the Rowan-Salisbury School System’s schedule (with the exception of teacher workdays.) If the public schools are dismissed, we are dismissed, unless it is a teacher work day or otherwise stated. We honor all national holidays.


Our dance year is from mid-August – May. We will have a summer dance schedule and dance camps if you wish to continue classes over the summer. We will have a few weeks off in-between the spring recital and our summer session, and our summer session and our fall season. We honor all national holidays.


If you or your child miss a class, it is your responsibility to learn the material missed before the next class. This can be accomplished by taking a private lesson or meeting with a classmate. You can also make up a missed class by attending a class at the next appropriate skill level. For example, if a student in the 3-4-year-old Combo Class misses a class, they can make it up in the 4-5-year-old Ballet/Tap class or vice-versa. If you have any questions about the appropriate class level for your make-up class, feel free to contact the office at 704-310-5706.


Our rates are listed below:

30 minutes: $35/month

45 minutes – 1-hour: $55/month

Private Lessons: TBD by instructor

If you take multiple classes, we offer a discount. Each additional class will be $25. This discount applies to siblings and immediate family members. For example, if a student takes a 1-hour class at $55, she can then take a 45-minute class at $25, with the total of $80 a month, instead of $110. If Sally takes a 1-hour ballet class at $55, her sister can take a 1-hour Acro class for $25 and the total will be $80 a month, instead of $110 a month.


Tuition is to be paid by the first lesson of each month. Payments received after the 10th of the month will assigned a $10 late fee. Tuition paid in full for the entire dance year will receive a 10% discount. A $25 service fee will be assessed for any returned check.


Students are to wear form fitting clothes in which they can easily move. Each class has different requirements.

Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights, hair is out of the face, and ballet shoes.

Jazz: Form-fitting and easy-to-move-in clothing; hair is out of the face; and jazz shoes. Example: Yoga pants, tank top, and jazz shoes.

Tap: Form-fitting, easy-to-move-in clothing; and tap shoes.

Hip-hop: Any clothing is fine, if it is not restrictive; and black dance sneakers.

Acro/Tumbling: Leotard, NO TIGHTS, and bare feet.


The costume fee is due the first week of February. This fee will cover your costumes, hair pieces, accessories, and recital fees with general admission for family and friends.


Each dance year, the studio has a spring recital to showcase what the students have learned throughout their dance year. This fee is combined with the costume fee and includes the venue, tickets for family and friends, and the extra staff necessary to make this production the best it can be. The recital fee is due no later than the beginning of February.


Anytime the studio is asked to perform, we accept! Our performance classes are the 6-year-olds and older. The dancers are not required to dance in public, however, any experience and opportunities they get, the better! It is in the dancer’s best interest that they perform.


If a dancer is sick, it is best for everyone’s well-being that they stay home. When they are well, they can make up their class with either a private lesson, or the next appropriate dance class.


Spotlight Dance Company communicates mainly through email. Please make sure you are on our mailing list to receive important information! We will not spam or give your information to anyone! We invite the parents to help with fundraisers, public performance (hair, make-up, supervision, etc.), and, mostly, scenery. We also ask that you encourage your kid(s) to practice their dances. We can easily make a CD of their music upon request. Get your child(ren) to stretch at least 10 minutes every day! Your body is a machine that you must constantly work to improve! Core, leg, and arm work are all equally important. You need to be strong in order to execute dance moves properly. In order to be the best dancer you can be, you need to put in work at home. This is where parents can come in and work with their kids at home. It will benefit your child and will be a fun activity you can do together!

Parents will be invited to observe a dance class several times throughout the year.


We reward our students with a sticker, small toy, or treat at the end of each class. Please notify us if you do not want your child to have candy! This is reward for behaving well in dance class. Please respect our decision to withhold the treasure chest if your child misbehaves.


Ballet and dance itself is a discipline. You must be very in tune with your body and teacher. It is imperative that the students listen and behave. Bad character and/or behavior will not go unnoticed. We will firmly tell a student to stop acting up in a way that is not embarrassing or humiliating, but stern. If a child acts up a second time, they will have their reward revoked. If the problem persists, we will notify the parent and have a meeting.

2019 Recital Hair & Makeup Instructions

Kristin's Classes

Contemporary 1: Northern Lights

Costume: Blue and Purple Dress called “Endless Love”

Tights: Tan Tights

Shoes: Half Soles

Hair: Hair in Low Bun with middle part.

Accessory: Headband pinned. 

10-12 Combo Tap: Villagers

Costume: “Tarantella” dress with red skirt. 

Tights: Tan Tights

Shoes: Black Tap Shoes

Hair: Hair in low bun with middle part. 

Accessory: Hair piece pinned to dancer’s left side of bun with ribbons facing down. 

Note: We will NOT be using the tambourine or the white apron that the costume comes with. 

10-12 Combo Jazz: Do You Want to Build a Snowman

Costumes: Blue Maid Costume for Maids called “With a Smile”/Anna and Elsa Costumes

Tights: Tan Tights

Shoes: Tan Jazz Shoes

Hair: Hair in low bun with middle part

Accessory: Maids pin white hair piece on top of bun, Anna has no accessory, Elsa has crown pinned to hair on top of head. 

Teen Combo: “For the first time in Forever” and “Coronation Dance”

Costume: White top and Aqua skirt called “Curtain”

Tights: Tan Tights

Shoes: Tan Jazz Shoes

Hair: Hair in low bun with middle part

Accessory: Hair Piece pinned on top of bun. 

Ballet 1: Icicles 

Costume: White Tutu called “Pas de Valse”

Tights: Pink Tights

Shoes: Pink Ballet Shoes

Hair: Hair in high bun with no part 

Accessory: Tiara pinned in front of bun

Ballet 2: Snowflakes

Costume: “Blue Winter’s Walk” Tutu

Tights: Pink Tights

Shoes: Pink Ballet Shoes

Hair: Hair in high bun with no part

Accessory: Hair piece pinned under bun

Ballet 3: Snow Flurries

Costume: Blue and White Tutu called “The Great Secret”

Tights: Pink Tights

Shoes: Pink Ballet Shoes

Hair: Hair in low bun with a left part

Accessory: Flower pinned to dancer’s left side of bun. Choker Necklace.  

Preschool Tumbling: Flowers

Costume: Green and Pink called “Whimsical Wishes”

Tights: No Tights

Shoes: No Shoes

Hair: Hair in High Ponytail

Accessory: Flower hairpieces pinned around top of ponytail

Acro 1: Wolves

Costume: Grey Leotard 

Tights: No Tights

Shoes: No Shoes

Hair: Hair in Bun

Accessory: White feather collar tied in a double knotted bow

Acro 2: Summer Fun

Costume: Red and white swimsuit with coverup called “Bathing Beauty”

Tights: No Tights

Shoes: No Shoes

Hair: Hair in High Ponytail

Accessory: Flower hairpiece pinned to dancer’s left side of ponytail. 

Xylie will use sunglasses.

Note: Everyone other than Xylie will NOT being using the sunglasses.


Costume: White tutu dress called “Symphony”

Tights: Pink Tights

Shoes: Pink Ballet shoes/Pointe Shoes

Hair: Hair in high bun with no part

Accessory: Flower Hairpiece pinned to Dancer’s left side of bun

Katies Classes:

Junior Hip-Hop: 

Hair: High Ponytail

Tights: Tan Tights

Black Sneakers

Boys Hip Hop: 

Hair: Spiked Front

Black High Tops

Teen Hip-Hop: 

Hair: High Ponytail or Braided

Tights: No tights

Black High Top Converses

Preschool Hip Hop:

Hair: Boys-Spiked Front

Girls- High Pigtails

Tights: Tan Tights (Boys no tights)

Black Sneakers

Monday 3-4 Year Old Combo Class: 

Hair: Half Up, Half Down

Ballet Dance: Pink tights, ballet shoes and tutu

Tap Dance: Tan tights, white tap shoes, no tutu

Thursday 6-9 Combo Class:

Hair: High Ponytail

Tights: Tan tights

White Tap shoes & tan jazz shoes

Homeschool Acro: 

Hair: Sock Bun

Girls: tan stirrup tights

Boys: no tights

No shoes

Marianna’s Classes

Tuesday 3-4 Year Old Combo

Hair: High Sock Bun

Tan tights

Pink Ballet shoes & White Tap Shoes

Dance With Me:

Hair: High Sock Bun

Tights: Pink

Shoes: Pink Ballet

Lyrical 1:

Hair: High Sock Bun

Tan Tights

Pink Ballet 

Mini Mini Competition

Hair: High Ponytail


Pink Ballet

Preschool Tumbling:  High Ponytail

No tights


Flips & Tricks:

Hair: High Ponytail or High Bun

No tights


Donna’s Thursday 4-5 Year Old Combo Class:

Hair: Two High Pigtail buns

Tights: Tan

Shoes: Pink Ballet and White Tap Shoes

Recital Makeup