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Tumble Tots

STAY TUNED: We are finalizing our Tumble Tot schedule for the 2019-2020 Season!

Tumble Tots will amaze you as you watch your child learn and grow each week!

Our weekly classes will provide a strong foundation for your little ones first 3 critical years.



Our Tumble Tots program is designed not only to enhance your little ones cognitive, developmental and social skills, but also to bond with YOU!

The Making of Tumble Tots

Spotlight Dance Company has been centered around families since it’s opening! Our director, Marianna Jarrett has been working on opening Tumble Tots for 3 years. When her son was born, she realized there was not much for ages 3 and under. She began researching the best curriculum and hunting the best staff to bring this incredible program to Salisbury!


$55 per month

(Ask about our Sibling Discount!)

4-10 Months

Even though your child may not be mobile just yet, there’s so much going on in their brains! Our classes help stimulate your little one’s mind and promotes mobility and strength all while bonding with you!

11-19 Months

As your little one begins to walk, we help them discover new movement and muscles to help them learn coordination. Tumble Tots helps satisfy their new found independence while exploring our gym all while learning valuable skills such as sharing and socialization.

19 Months-2 Years

Your little one is now a pro at getting around! Keep building their coordination and while satisfying their need for independence.

2-3 Years

Tumble Tots is a perfect introduction/aid for preschool as they learn to follow instructions, share, take turns and socialize in a fun and safe environment! This age loves to climb, explore and our program is perfect for just that!