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Spotlight Dance Company specializes in creating beautiful and unique choreographed dances for every occasion. Whether you want to surprise your groom or bride or learn some basic dance moves, we are here to help you! Our experienced team will work with you to create a dance that perfectly reflects your style and preferences. Contact us today to book your consultation.

First Dance

Make your special day even more memorable with a beautiful and choreographed first dance from Spotlight Dance Company. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced dancer, our team is here to help you. Check out our list of services and get ready to step up your dance game!

1 Lesson $50

3 Lessons $125

5 Lessons $175

Wedding Dance

Wedding Party Dances

Surprise your guests with a show-stopping dance routine that will make your special day even more unforgettable! Our Wedding Party dance package is perfect for couples who want to add a fun and memorable element to their wedding reception. Our skilled dance instructors will work with you and your wedding party to create a personalized choreographed routine that showcases your unique personalities and style.

Book a Lesson

1 Lesson: $50

3 Lessons: $125

5 Lessons: $175

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